Our Brands

Turnkey, single-family real estate investment platform for acquiring and investing in rental properties in select U.S. markets. 

We acquire and invest in middle and lower-middle market companies across the United States. Sellers and investors welcome. 

M&A advisory services for discerning sellers looking to maximize their exit. 

Scalable digital marketing services for some of the web’s most discerning brands. 

AI search engine powered by various available LLMs. 

AI tool for lawyers and law firms. We give law firms the ability to make their jobs more efficient for research, contract drafting and contract review automation. 

Custom software and web design and development for nearly any digital transformation project. 

Recruiting and staffing services with a focus on remote workers and technologists. 

We build timeless online brands

We acquire and build successful physical and digital assets. If you have an idea on how we can collaborate, get in touch. 

A holding company of online brands and offline private investments.

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