10 Years of Strategic Consulting Experience

Nead, LLC was founded in 2008 by Nate Nead. The company was originally established as a digital signage software, hardware, integration and engineering firm, but has expanded its service offerings to include financial advisory (including mergers and acquisitions and capital requisition), marketing consulting (including SEO, content marketing and link building) and custom website and software development.


Nead, LLC

Rebranding to DEV.co

Nead, LLC software development consulting arm is rebranded to DEV.co


Assets Acquired

Audience Bloom Services, LLC acquires the assets of AudienceBloom and rebrands to SEO.co.

Deal Capital Partners, LLC

Deal Capital Partners, LLC Established

Deal Capital Partners, LLC established as a holding company for certain digital assets managed by Nead, LLC.


Digital Marketing Services Begin

AudienceBloom is established as a digital marketing agency in Seattle, WA.

Nead, LLC

M&A Advisory

Nead, LLC establishes M&A advisory services for middle market companies look to grow, sell or acquire.

Nead, LLC

Company Founding

Nead, LLC is established as a consulting firm, providing software and technology consulting for digital signage and online digital marketing.


2010 - Present
Deal Capital Partners, LLC

Investment Banking Services

Nead, LLC provides M&A and capital advisory services. Website assets--including InvestmentBank.com, Acquisition.net and others--held through Deal Capital Partners, LLC.

2008 - Present

Software Development

Website, mobile app and full-stack software development consulting for digital products including fintech, martech and medtech platforms. Rebranded Nead, LLC software consulting services to DEV.co in 2020.

2010 - Present

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing consulting services for content marketing, link building and search engine optimization for companies small and large.

2008 - 2017

Digital Signage

Digital signage software, hardware and deployment services. Divested of shares and assets in 2017.