Electric Vehicle Management Solution

The advent of electric vehicles has possibly been the single most significant factor that made a permanent impact on the electric grid within the past decade.  While these vehicles discount fuel consumption, it creates a definite demand for electricity.  Today, electric vehicles are starting to become as common as their fuel-powered counterparts.  Therefore, the demand for charging stations is also increasing steadily.

Like many others, you probably saw that this phenomenon gave way for a fresh business opportunity.  Here and there, charging stations have sprouted.  The task of Grid2 is to help you achieve success by first setting your business apart from the dozen others that have made the leap with you.

Exactly how will Grid2 do this?  Grid2 presents you with the Electric Vehicle Management (EVM) Solution.  This solution works on the basis of a simple principle: you can not control what you can not see.  If you want to improve reliability, the key is to have visibility – obtain insight as to what charging electric vehicles require from the system.

The primary function of Grid2 Electric Vehicle Management software regulates the flow of electricity and strategically distributes this to your charging stations.  This intelligent function actually considers the current grid conditions and balances the demand with the supply.  The bottom line is, with Grid2 Electric Vehicle Management, you optimize the grid performance.  Ultimately, you increase your reliability.

Grid2 offers you an all-inclusive Charging Station Management solution that allows you to view your utilization data, see customer authentication, and even integrate billing – since the system platform is open and very flexible in terms of upgrades.  This solution also gives you insight into your equipment health, preventing breakdowns and therefore cutting maintenance costs and increasing equipment service life, helping you escape further invesment.