Vehicle Management

Grid2 electric vehicle management system is an all-inclusive solution that incorporates your electric vehicle supply equipment hardware and your local utility metering systems in order to allow your EV charge service providers to analyze and regulate their service and facility.

As more and more enterprises and individuals invest on electric vehicles, the demand for electricity behaves in the same increasing manner. Back in the day, this first pattern was observed when air conditioning systems were introduced and started to become popular in within households in the 1950s. Soon enough, charging stations will match their refueling counterparts. This phenomenon is expected to impact the energy industry significantly.

Today, utilities are not the single charging service providers. Even municipalities and private companies are starting to venture into this fast-rising industry. Grid2 quickly recognized the need for EVIM, in order to monitor, manage, and keep up with the fast-paced, dynamic demand for energy.

Grid2 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Management will help you become aware of your performance as a provider and optimize your operations while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Grid2’s EVIM solution guarantees only calibrated, real-time, and – therefore – realistic results.

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