Amarillo Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

Amarillo is a regional economic center and its economy gets a boost with the deregulation of the city’s local energy market.  Electric companies can now enter areas serviced by other electric companies. They are making investments to become more efficient and competitive.  This means more options for you in meeting your electricity needs.  It also means lower prices and improved services as companies endeavor to get more clients.


With new electric companies entering the local market, you may be at lost as to which company to choose. For one you may not know all the companies operating in your area and you may not be sure of the price they are offering since price alone may not be the only consideration.

For a complete list of all the electric companies doing business in your area, you can call us. We can also help you make comparisons of the different price and service packages these companies are offering. We are providing this service since we knew that when deregulation would take place you may initially have some confusion with the new environment and the need to digest more information.

Natural Gas

The natural gas market has also been deregulated giving you the opportunity to choose another gas company if you feel you can get a better deal.  It would be best if you knew all the gas companies operating in the city as well as what they are offering. You should also be able to make the right comparisons.

You can call us and we’ll give you the list of natural gas providers in your area. We can also give you expert advice so you are fully aware of what each company offer means.  This will help you in making the best choice for your natural gas needs.

Green Energy

Do you want to use green or renewable energy? There are electric companies utilizing this form of energy to produce electricity. Using this form of energy is good for the environment as it is less polluting.  If you want to know the renewable energy options in your city just give us a call.