Texas Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

Texas is large state and a huge change has also taken place in the energy landscape with the deregulation of its energy market.  This makes it another great reason why you would want to live in Texas.  With deregulation in place you can now choose your electricity needs from a number of electric companies. More choices means you can choose the best option available.

Electric companies can now enter new areas creating competition with the existing electric company and other new electric companies as well. Companies are investing to stay competitive which leads to improved services and lower prices.

Our Service

With more than one company operating in a particular area you may get confused as to which company to choose.   Electric companies may offer price and service packages the look similar but have some slight differences which may determine the savings or improved service that you want.  Added to this is the fact that you may not be fully aware of all the electric companies operating in your area.

So we created this service where we can give you the list of all the electric companies operating in your area as well as what they are offering. We can also give you expert advice at to which of the companies will be best suited for your needs.

Electricity Needs

With one call we will give you the list of electric companies in your area. We will go through the different offerings and see which one will be the most ideal electric company for you.  We can do this over the phone.

Natural Gas Needs

Just like in the electricity market, the natural gas market has also been deregulated.  Gas companies are investing to become more efficient and are upgrading their service. It’s a good time to be a gas consumer as you now have more choices available. Call us for more information and advice.

Renewable Energy

Do you know the renewable energy providers in your area and which one can give you the service and price that suits your needs? Give us a call and we can discuss the renewable energy options in your locality.