Storage Management

Two principal causes for customer dissatisfaction are transmission and distribution (T&D) congestion and intermittency accompanying renewable energy sources.  This is why energy suppliers and distributors are in search of ways to address these emergent issues.  And an approach that proves to be one of the most promising solutions is energy storage.

Having energy storage is equivalent to having a buffer to work against energy supply instability.  In other words, you are reinforcing your reliability as an energy supplier or distributor.

Grid2 wants to be part of this endeavor.  As you go on your way to successfully managing your energy storage, allow our Energy Storage Software to help you intelligently allocate and transmit your energy grid resources.  Our Energy Storage Software gather data in real-time and coordinates other conditions such as external signals to optimize your use of stored energy.  This way, your return on investment is maximized. Grid2 understands the value of your hard-earned money.

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