Grid2 recognizes that every successful enterprise knows its consumers. With Grid2 Enterprise Energy Efficiency solution, you are able to gather the right data to increase your “visibility” – or your ability to see both commercial and industrial consumers’ consumption patterns. This visibility will help your company find areas that pose as opportunities to employ energy efficiency strategies.


A significant portion of your market belongs to home-owners. Therefore, it is important to interact with these consumers and know their emergent needs. Grid2 Home Energy Management helps you define and meet local regulatory conditions for energy efficiency and reduce peak loads using a reliable, quantifiable approach.


Your system’s reliability has a lot to do with demand, therefore Grid2’s Load Management application gives you tried and tested approaches to regulate peak demand and profile load throughout your network. Planned load reductions can be set and done automatically allowing you to sidestep peak energy prices and other related costs.


Once your company has worked with Grid2, rest assured that help does not stop there. Grid2’s energy management software helps you with not only monitoring your current performance but likewise foreseeing your future capabilities. Grid improves various aspects of your system such as renewable distribution, predictability, and dependability, among other things.


Grid2’s state-of-the-art software allows for management of single or combined energy storage devices at different strata of the T&D system. It also gives room for these storage devices to be forwarded for use or integration with other grid management strategies.

The end-goal of the Grid2 Energy Management Software System is to have on-site managers imbibe a fresh discipline and approach for cost-effective energy usage. By making informed decisions with regard to maintenance and operation of the facility, managers are able to better regulate and automate their daily energy usage. Grid2 Energy Management System deals with optimization of lighting, atmosphere, and other aspects of the system. You may think this approach is simple – well, it is. But enterprises that have employed this system have been saving at least 15% on their electricity costs. Others who utilize natural gas even enjoy bigger benefits, amounting to over 30% in energ savings.

On-site management are trained to make the most informed operational choices regarding energy automation and control. Luckily Grid2 technology helps to optimize existing systems by increasing savings as much as 15% for electricity and up to 30% for natural gas. Utilizing our advanced technology commercial consumers are better able to manage lighting and temperature control systems for peak utility maximization and thrift.

Efficient management of capital is at the heart of most organizations and Grid2 is at the heart of managing energy resources to match the need of its enterprise clients. Offering greater analysis and control of data while decreasing wasteful and unnecessary costs allows your business to run at peak performance.

Grid2 solutions are deployed across all points of enterprise energy usage from production to consumption. Maintaining a tightly-built and highly efficient system allows our corporate clients to fully maximize resources, allowing for the highest net return possible.

Finding a way to make renewable sources such as solar, wind and thermal economically viable has been difficult for many organizations. Because Grid2 solutions help to maximize the operating efficiency in each phase of the value chain, getting past a once high hurdle rate becomes far less difficult. Offset peak demand, reduce dependency on outside production and utilize pure renewable sources at the lowest cost possible.

Solar energy is one of the most popular renewable sources of energy, and for various reasons. For one, solar energy is fairly easy to harness and two, because the technology is simple to grasp. Grid2 can provide your company with a solar energy solution that can not only significantly diminish your operating expenses by producing a 100% pure, renewable energy, but also concretize your company’s concern for the environment.

Grid2 renewable energy solutions are seamlessly integrated, facilitating monitoring and control of every energy device installed. This makes operation uncomplicated and saves your company time and money on a daily basis. With Grid2 renewable energy solutions, you not only get lower energy bills, you also build a strong reputation as a responsible enterprise.

Integrate your renewable and non-renewable energy sources into one seamless system. The Grid2 energy management system leverages all sources using one single dashboard and monitor system, allowing your organization to save time and valuable resources.

Focusing on how to maximize ROI with minimal deleterious effects, the Grid2 energy management software solution takes into account costs not generally included in accounting for ROI, including personnel efficiency as well as carbon emissions. We work to help your company achieve a holistic social ROI, giving you full control over cost and energy allocation.

While we take a holistic approach, most of our clients still are able to save thousands in carbon efficiency reduction costs.