We don’t just provide data, we provide empowerment. Being a successful energy manager within your organization requires the technical know-how and understanding of an enterprise product tested and maintained by the best in the industry.

By purchasing the enterprise management software system, you gain access to a team of expert energy managers with the ability to deliver. Certified Energy Management professionals pride themselves on alignment of goals, assisting your organization in achieving and succeeding according to your defined objectives.

Integrating with existing legacy systems is perhaps one of the most glaring concerns for most internal corporate and government energy managers. Luckily Certified Energy Managers (CEM) and Business Energy Professionals (BEP) certified by the Association of Energy Engineers are available in the event of needed assistance and consultation with the implementation project and systems engineering tasks which may be required. As you become familiar with the systems features and capabilities a dedicated project manager will be assigned to assist in the proper integration of your system and its components.

Proper software solution training improves successful energy efficiency management. Efficiency training courses are flexible and comprehensive, allowing for a tailored approach for time and resource savings according to your organization’s budget and time constraints. Project management teams serve as training liaisons between product engineers and solutions internal energy managers within your organization.

Because our ultimate success is gauged by our client success, we readily work to ensure all tacit knowledge is properly transferred to the right representatives within your organization.

We pride ourselves in the resolution that all savings are passed directly to clients. As part of our extensive integration and training exercises, our project managers will scour database records and reports helping to maximize efficiency, eliminate redundancies and avoid overall costs.

As part of our extended project management assistance, our team provides bill processing services. The biggest boon for energy bill processing assistance is that it frees valuable resources within your organization for use on other projects.

When electric rates spike and the grid is under pressure from peak demand utility and grid operators can initiate time-sensitive demand response events. By agreeing to curtail quarterly payments organizations can help assist in demand response when peak load requires switching to backup generators. It can be an excellent method for mitigating peak load stress on the utility.