With multiple levels of user access to the software, your organization’s energy data remains secure. Full role-based administration means various users are only allowed to obtain complete access and functionality within their purchased rights. Server controls can not only contribute to functionality limitations, but also can protect novice users from accessing energy data and controls without the proper training. Allowing scaled-down access for those users who may not need to view additional energy data that is not relevant to them helps protect information and systems as well as keeps users optimized by simplifying processes on the server-side.

User-friendly and simplified access to various functional aspects of the software can assist different energy managers to optimize tasks within their individual realm of responsibility. Basic step-by-step instructions are provided for accessing utility and energy data, including interactive help sessions at each level of administration. In this way, users are able to grow in their ability to access and control the software.

With basic role-based access managers are able to run and create meter reports. Cost contracts previously maintained by higher-level administrative users can also be used to build templates, manage meter alerts and run reports for geographic and functional areas where they have allocated access.

Advanced users are able to run, create and assign reports for functional and geographic areas and then assign them to lower-level administrators. The lower-level admins are able to run and configure specific reports, including cost contracts and bill notification without the need for the same advanced training as the Advanced administrators.

Another key benefit of granting lower-level access is the ability for users to provide and input manual readings on the fly without needing to manually correct spreadsheets or reports.

Larger, global organizations can grant various users access in different languages on a case-by-case basis. This helps to maintain the individuality and flexibility of the system and can meet the needs of an ever-expanding group of energy managers worldwide.