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ProWorkflow Review

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 iPhone App  Seems too segregated
 Drag and drop customizable interface

ProWorkflow is a well-rounded and effective online project management system that supports a number of functions and features beneficial to successful project management. While it does not contain particularly outstanding and unique features, it is a helpful resource and can be used for most projects with varying specifications and complexities.






User Interface

ProWorkflow offers a great user interface. When users log in, they will immediately see a snapshot summary of all projects, deadlines, tasks, quotes, invoices, and projects in the “summary” panel for the current week. Users can also adjust the week by clicking on the arrows next to the date range. The most important items are shown prominently and colors are used to organize the structure of the page.

However, unlike most alternatives, many of the sections such as Add Project and Add Task create popup windows. Depending on the user’s preferences and work habits, popup windows can slow down productivity and can be more of a nuisance than helpful.

On a more positive note, the window that appears for Add Project, Add Task, etc., is easy to access and use, allowing users to quickly add what they need to, along with many options for fine tuning and specification. Additionally, the home screen and various other screens allow you to reorganize and reorder by dragging and dropping. This increases the functionality and allows project managers to place their highest priorities at the top.






Projects Page

The Projects Page gives a more in depth summary of the projects currently in progress and on hold. It shows if there are any projects overdue, and are even categorized by priority level, client and project name, the project manager assigned to the particular project, and a chart depicting productivity levels. Additionally, ProWorkflow also assigns a project number to each project for proper archiving, filing, and documenting.





ProWorkflow also supports quick editing, which allows users to quickly edit certain fields without having to navigate to another page or going to another area within the system and is provided in order to increase efficiency. Fields that support quick editing are shown by a small green [EDIT] box when highlighting the field. To edit this field, simple double click it, and an editing window will appear, similar to the screenshot shown.

Audit Log

The Audit Log is a helpful function that every project management system should incorporate. Audit Log provides the ability to view details on most actions performed within ProWorkflow. This can aid project managers and allow an insight into the users assigned to particular projects and monitor project progress.








Overall, ProWorkflow works quickly and smoothly. Menus expand into submenus almost instantly, and page loads are also very quick, loading between 1 and 1.5 seconds. As mentioned above, the Add Task and Add Project window popup windows may decrease streamlining and efficiency, depending on the user; however, the popup page load times are quite minimal, aligning with the speed of the rest of the system.

Ease of Use

Most of the features, functions and menu options are self-explanatory and are fairly simple to follow regardless of user skill levels. It is also evident that ProWorkflow offers a detailed Help and support section, thus increasing the system’s overall ease of use factor. This section includes written instructions on literally every single process within the system, and also offers over 50 high quality videos to show you the system in action.


Like many online project management systems that we have looked at, ProWorkflow gets the job done. In addition to the other great functions and features it offers, there is also an iPhone app available for users to access on the go, increasing flexibility, accessibility, and convenience factors.

Usability and customization gives the system a boost, as the user interface can be changed to meet the user’s needs. While the system does a good job of separating all the project management functions into clearly defined sub-sections, this can be considered a double edged sword. There are times, however, when the system does not feel very streamlined and intuitive, leading the user to navigate and hunt for desired areas. Some users feel a little “lost” while using the system, claiming that it does not feel like everything fits together. This overall decreases the usability and increases the time spent on certain aspects of managing a project.

Ultimately, ProWorkflow is still a recommended system as it offers all the necessary functions and features to successful project management such as managing:

  • Projects
  • Tasks and activities
  • Deadlines and milestones
  • Time tracking
  • Reports
  • Invoicing

However, other alternatives may be a better fit depending on the team’s needs, preferences, and thoughts and opinions surrounding usability, functionality, and level of intuition.