OnlyOffice Project Management

OnlyOffice is a streamlined and user-friendly project management and online collaboration tool that is a great choice for project teams. This resource has all the necessary project management features that are important to efficiently and successfully managing a project.

User Interface

The OnlyOffice user interface is well organized and is easy to set up new projects. The system prompts new users with each step in setting up a new project. Users can create new projects, write descriptions, create and assign tasks, assign milestones and deadlines, and even assign a designated project manager and team members for each task.






Once a project is set up, it appears under the “My Projects” drop down in the left hand panel for easy access. Projects can also be accessed by clicking on the drop down menus for “Projects I Follow” and “Active”. Users and project managers have found the left hand panel to be very useful and easy to accesss from any screen at any point in time.






Users can also click on the green “Create New…” button at any point to easily create a new:

  • Project
  • Milestone
  • Task
  • Discussion
  • Project Template

Managing Tasks and Schedules

Managing tasks and schedules is incredibly easy in OnlyOffice. Tasks and schedules can be easily accessed through the “Projects” menu, the “Tasks” menu, which can be organized by tasks that are upcoming or that are currently assigned to users, and even through the system’s general calendar feature.

By clicking the calendar icon at the top menu bar, users can see a large snapshot of the calendar, which involves tasks, milestones, deadlines, and events for any day. Users can also customize the calendar to look at a particular day, week, or month to get a feel for project work load.

Users can also choose the calendars they can view by accessing the left hand column under “Other Calendars”. “My Calendar” shows up in green as default. This feature can also be customized according to a user’s needs and preferences. Although the calendar defaults to the “calendar view”, users can also choose to look at a task or list view.






Gantt Chart

One useful and unique feature of OnlyOffice is the ability to access the Gantt Chart at any point. As shown in the above screenshot, users can click on the blue “Gantt Chart” button which gives a snapshot of all time tracking, tasks, and productivity levels for a particular project.

If there is too much detail shown in the chart, users can also select the box “Open tasks and milestones only” (as shown in the screenshot below) for a more accurate view and feel of all open and outstanding tasks as well as cross reference them to project milestones and deadlines.

This is a unique way to track and monitor project progress as well as time spent on tasks over a given time period.







In addition to its number of other useful project management tools, OnlyOffice also offers a number of collaboration tools that are great for project teams. By clicking on “Community” in the top menu bar, users then have the option to:

  • Create and share blogs
  • Read and leave comments for other users
  • Set up and create events
  • Post announcements and share news
  • Create bookmarks and share interesting bookmarks with other teams and users
  • Access the Help Center for frequently asked questions, tips, and training videos.






Additionally, users and project managers can also get a more in depth view of other OnlyOffice users and team members assigned to specific project tasks. By clicking on “People” this gives the project manager the ability to see who is who. For projects or teams with many users, the search and filter bar at the top can be helpful. Searching by a user’s first or last name, email, and even the user’s role (such as administrator, user or guest).






OnlyOffice has a number of different report options and features that are very useful for managing projects. Reports can be created and generated for the following:

  • Overdue milestones
  • Upcoming milestones
  • Users with No Open Tasks
  • Projects with No Open Milestones
  • Projects with No Open Tasks
  • User Activity
  • Workload
  • Project List
  • Time Tracking
  • Project Tasks
  • User Tasks
  • Overdue Tasks

Users and project managers can also create their own report templates that can be built on project tags and labels (which can be selected when initially setting up a project in the system). Users also have the option to create a project template from a specific project. Simply select the “project” drop down menu to select a specific project to view reports.






After selecting a report to run or creating a custom template, users can then click “generate report” in order to see the report. From there, users can also choose to print it or export to Excel or another file format for easy viewing and use.


OnlyOffice doesn’t encounter many performance issues or any issues related to speed and response time, however, it can experience slow or sluggish periods on occasion. Also, users and project managers may notice the “refresh” button on certain pages and screens, such as the calendar. Whenever working on these pages it may be a good idea to get into the habit of clicking the “refresh” button in order to ensure that users are looking at the most updated screens as often as possible. Depending on the user, this may be a useful function or it may be a pain point.

Ease of Use

OnlyOffice is quite easy to use. While there are various screens, features, and functions that could easily overwhelm a user, the layout, organization, as well as step-by-step set up prompts assist first-time users. However, much like any other project management software we’ve reviewed thus far, after using the system several times, the ease of use only increases with time and fluidity.

As mentioned above, the Help Section of OnlyOffice is fairly robust with a frequently asked questions section, training and “how-to” videos, as well as an option to collaborate with other users and teams who may experience similar issues.


Overall, OnlyOffice offers many key functions, features, and benefits essential to efficient and effective project management. As we’ve reviewed, these key areas include:

  • Project set up, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Task creation, assignment, and management
  • Time and productivity tracking
  • Reporting
  • Scheduling

Finally, with a little time, users and project managers will easily learn their way around OnlyOffice. And, at any point, users and can easily click on the “OnlyOffice” logo at the top left-hand corner in the blue menu bar to return to the home screen in order to create and set up:

  • Projects
  • CRM
  • Community
  • People







OnlyOffice is highly recommended for project managers and teams who need a system that is easy to set up and use, particularly with teams with various skill levels, that can manage tasks and schedules, collaborate with other users and team members, which is great for virtual teams, and run reports based on both active and completed projects.