Intervals Project Management

Intervals Review

Pros Cons
 High user interface customization  Lack of collaboration tools
 Excellent and in depth reporting capabilities and easy to read graphs

Intervals is a highly customizable online project management and collaboration resource that is more in depth than what immediately meets the eye; it contains many more features than at first glance. It can handle a wide range of simple and complex projects. In a brief summary, it has the ability to run substantial reports, create and manage tasks, manage invoicing and bookkeeping tasks, and even offer a comprehensive help section.

User Interface

Intervals’ user interface is fairly simple to look at and is easy on the eye. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity as everything a user needs is available on a single screen; however, the bland look and color scheme of the user interface does not make it particularly appealing. Intervals partially makes up for this by offering a high degree of interface customizability. Users can customize the home screen with different themes, information on projects, clients, and even set default hourly rates. This can all be done initially when setting up an Intervals account.






One of the most important features of any project management software is the ability to easily create and manage tasks. Intervals provides significant support for tasks and defining requirements for each task. Project managers can create single tasks or many at a time, and even import tasks as delimited values, or from Basecamp (another popular online project management system).

Users can even view and follow other project tasks that they aren’t necessarily assigned to, view overdue tasks, and even tasks they created. All these options prove to be highly beneficial as users are able to keep track of all the tasks in the system. While these features do not particularly stand out as extremely unique, they are still appropriate for most tasks and types of project.





Created tasks can then be grouped into milestones for better organization and management purposes. Users can also easily track time spent on each task by selecting the “Task Timer” section shown at the bottom of the screen.

Reports and Graphs

In addition to the ability to manage tasks, reporting probably comes in as a close second to an important project management function. Intervals offers a number of robust reporting options. Users can run a number of different reports, which include:

  • Pie Chart
  • Trends
  • Periscope
  • Project Activity
  • Summary
  • Break It Down
  • Crosschart
  • Outstanding Balances
  • Project Landscape

Additionally, filters can be applied on these reports for custom date ranges, and also reporting on only certain entities within a project, including:

  • Client
  • Milestone
  • Module
  • Task
  • Work type
  • Manager
  • People
  • Entire Project












The scratchpad is a very unique feature to Intervals that we haven’t seen in other project management software reviews. The scratchpad is a simple window that serves as a notepad to write ideas or any project related notes. Users also have the option to store them for future reference. While the system does not allow users to store the notes in a particular project or task, it has proven to be a useful tool and resource for users to use as a personal reference.


The speed of the system as a whole is slightly above average. While some alternatives offer near instant transitions and loading times, Intervals is definitely not as slow as some systems that take more than 3 seconds to transition between sections. Our tests showed an average of approximately 1.5 seconds between page wait times and system/function transitions.

Ease of Use

Adding a company, a project, and tasks is incredibly simple. The Help and Support section is also quite comprehensive. It offers many videos, tutorials, and even gives users the ability to submit feature requests and bugs quite simply.


Intervals is fairly simple to use, and even seems limited in its capabilities upon first use. However, the system’s depth is outstanding. Intervals has a lot to offer users in terms of everything that project managers would require for effectively managing a project such as:

  • Full invoice support
  • Time tracking
  • Milestone tracking
  • Weekly and monthly overviews of tasks and projects
  • …and more.

The only downside to Intervals is it could provide teams more functionality for online collaboration between teams and other users. Overall, however, it is highly recommended for use as an online project management system, and should definitely be considered.