Dovico Time Tracking

Dovico Time Tracking software is a robust system that facilities user time tracking on tasks and projects for specific clients. Clients and projects can be entered into the system upon initial set up. The system walks the user through this step, making it easy to get the system up and running. Users will also have the opportunity to add other users and team members by sending invitations via email.

User Interface

Upon initially logging into Dovico, the “home” screen appears very “busy”. The lack of a defined color scheme and the multiple tabs, small icons, drop-down menus, and folders is a little overwhelming. It may take a user some time to really get used to navigating and using the system with ease and fluidity. While mousing over the icons will provide the user a one-word description of what that particular command will perform, this can the user more time to mouse over each icon to find the action he or she wants to perform. The time spent on this can add up over the duration of project, which can be costly in the long run.







As one can clearly see from the screenshot above, the tab “Project Assignments” is selected. This screen then shows the open assignments. Users can right click and/or select one of the icons above in the menu bar to perform a particular action on one of the assignments. For example, the assignment “Research Content Marketing Trends” is highlighted. Users can then right click to add assignments, remove assignments, copy assignments, and even show statistics.

Clicking on “show statistics”, or selecting F8 on a keyboard will prompt the pop-up window to appear. This screens allows the user to view any expenses that have been added to the particular assignment. This also gives a project manager a clear view of the expenses and/or time billed to a particular project to properly manage budgets.






Managing Budgets

While the dashboard and overall user interface can feel busy and overwhelming, Dovico Time Tracking is a highly detailed system that allows project managers to closely manage project budgets.

By selecting the “Budgeted Time and Costs” tab at the top, users can then see and access the “project summary” which details the costs billed and applied to a particular project. While the “statistics” window shown above also details this, the “Budgeted Time and Costs” tab as shown here gives a more detailed analysis by providing data on the company, the rate charged, when time was started/stopped, and there are even filter options to aid the user in sifting through applicable data.




The icons above the “project” filter work similarly to Microsoft Excel functions to allow users to adjust filters, show/hide columns, and even sort and manage data. Dovico Time Tracking also permits users to export data and reports to other formats, including Microsoft Excel.


The reporting features in Dovico Time Tracking are incredibly robust and useful. As one can clearly see from the screenshot below, there are a number of reports available for project managers and users. Users can also select their “favorite” reports and save them in the system for later use or even password-protect certain reports, which is a great option for those reports that contain sensitive or confidential data and information.






Users also have the option to import or export reports in a variety of formats. Additionally, by clicking on the “report types” icon in the menu bar, users can also run reports based on specific need. This is a great feature for users or project managers who would like to run a report showing specific data but may not be sure which report would best display the information.







Another unique function to Dovico Time Tracking is the ability to manage currencies. Many firms and businesses today are likely to work with suppliers and other team members virtually and remotely. This has been made possible with the Internet and mobile technology; therefore, the ability to convert payments to other currencies is incredibly useful.





As shown above, users can add or remove certain currencies and even choose a “default” currency setting. Dovico Time Tracking also displays current exchange rates as well as a history of exchange rates. This is excellent for project managers as this enables them to properly manage budgets, particularly when setting up a new project for a client. By being able to keep track of exchange rates this allows users and project managers to plan and oversee budgets efficiently, easily, and down to the tiniest detail.


Dovico Time Tracking runs fairly smoothly with little interruptions, hiccups or bugs. However, one minor area to note is the “back” button. When users are navigating through various tabs and screens, they instantly may want to go back to a previous screen. In using Dovico, it is incredibly easy to hit the “back” button in the user’s Internet browser rather than Dovico’s “back” button. As a result, hitting the Internet browser’s “back” button should be avoided at all costs as this can upset the system.

Ease of Use

While there are a number of useful reporting, time tracking, and budgetary functions that are all incredibly functional and crucial to effective project management, the system itself could use some improvements in ease of use and level of intuitiveness. As mentioned above, at first glance, Dovico Time Tracking is a little overwhelming and not very visually stimulating or aesthetically pleasing. While aesthetics is certainly not a crucial component to efficient project management, it could help the user in navigation and ease of use.


Dovico Time Tracking is a great choice for project management in regards to managing budgets and expenses; however, in terms of managing tasks, deadlines, projects, specifications, and project-related details, Dovico isn’t the best option. Dovico, rather, is a better option if a project manager or user needs to track administrative tasks, bookkeeping and accounting, and time tracking for suppliers and users. These areas are definitely a number of strengths that can be found in Dovico. If users can really get the hang of the system, and get past the overwhelming feelings, then Dovico is a great selection.