Comindwork Project Management Software

Comindwork is an advanced project management and online collaboration tool with many features and functions beneficial to project management. Upon initially setting up a Comindwork account, the system gives the user the option to choose a “work space”, which is a template project designed to fit a particular project, such as a client project, intranet project, or help desk, just to name a few. Each “work space” can be customized to fit a user’s or project’s needs. Users can also create multiple “work spaces” within one account.







User Interface

Comindwork’s user interface is very functional without looking too “busy” or overwhelming. While Comindwork is a system for the more seasoned project manager, it is also very intuitive and user friendly. It is easy for a user to get accustomed to after navigating through the various screens and functions after only a short time.

Users can easily navigate through various screens and then return to the Dashboard by accessing the “Workspace” icon, which prompts the panel on the left-hand side of the screen to appear. The only downside is that its performance can run a bit slow; it can take up to several seconds for a particular page to load.


Upon creating a new “work space”, the system will prompt the user to begin assigning and delegating tasks, as well as inviting additional team members and users. The Dashboard includes a list of recent activity conducted among the various workspaces, as well as the recorded time spent working on each task. Users can easily click the workspace name, which is a live link to return to that particular workspace or project.






Additionally, by accessing the Dashboard panel, users can also access their list of tasks, which we will look at more in depth. Users can also see and access project milestones, daily activity, and even the deadlines for each task and milestone. Overdue milestones and deadlines will appear above the calendar. This section also gives users the opportunity to view the work history and productivity on that particular task.

Tasks and Activity

While the “Tasks” screen might appear to be really busy and even a bit overwhelming at first glance, this screen gives a snapshot of the tasks and activity completed under a specific project or “work space”.

As shown here, there are two different active “work spaces” that show tasks and activity. If users only want to look at one work space at a time, simply click the drop down arrow next to the name of the work space to close the task and activity panel. This might help reduce the “busy” look, particularly for users who have a multitude of active projects at one time.






Under a particular work space, users can view, manage, and monitor:

  • Tasks
  • Issues
  • Requirements
  • Time Logs
  • Reports

Users also have the option to add and remove “apps” to work space by simply scrolling the mouse over the work space menu bar and clicking “More Apps”, once it appears. Users then have the ability to customize each project or work space’s menu bar to their needs.

Finally, users and project managers can opt to receive daily e-mails with information on assigned projects, tasks, and activities, or any stream. It gives users a snapshot of the status of active work-in-progress projects as well as the tasks that have been completed and the time spent on each. Most users and project managers find this helpful as it helps team member stay informed of upcoming events, deadlines, and other project and task milestones.


The reporting functions in Comindwork are very robust. The reporting page looks like a quick snapshot of Microsoft Excel. All the basic Excel functions are available right in Comindwork such as creating tables, charts, formulas, functions, and even sorting features. Users also have the ability to create folders for each report they generate and save.




Additionally, Comindwork also has several default reports available, which include:

  • Tasks
  • Time logs
  • History of activities
  • Wikis

By clicking on one of these default reports, users can edit accordingly and as necessary, and even export them to Excel, PDF, or other file format or application once complete.

You also have access to a wide range of reports, allowing you to view the project and its progress from different angles. This gives you an idea of how a particular project progressed and how effectively it was managed. The easy to use tools provided with Comindwork allow you to effectively manage both the project and your workers from many different angles.


Another incredibly attractive feature to Comindwork is its ability to manage and organize resources. In addition to the reporting tools, Comindwork also effectively helps users and project managers monitor and manage people, teams, time spent on tasks and projects, and even their history of activity, as well as the ability to report on each category.

Perhaps one of the neatest features to Comindwork is the blog and wiki that is available for each work space. These features really enhance and encourage online collaboration and participation in the system as it allows other users, team members, and task assignees to comment, discuss, and collaborate on a particular task or project within that work space.


As we’ve explored with other project management software and tools, good online project management systems should be equipped with a Gantt chart. Gantt charts and similar tools are valuable because they give the project manager the ability to see priorities, schedules, and tasks within each project and work space. Comindwork’s “timeline” is a highly valuable feature that functions similar to a Gantt chart. Also similar to the reporting features, the Timeline allows project managers to view and report on all projects, projects that are people-driven, project history, and all activities. This can be done daily, and the Timeline also saves reports from the day before for analyzing and cross-referencing.





As mentioned above briefly, while Comindwork offers a number of valuable and useful functions, features, and benefits for managing projects, it can take the system several seconds to respond and load screen data when navigating from screen to screen. No one web browser seems to be more functional over the other. Otherwise, there are very few glitches, if any.

Ease of Use

In general, Comindwork is easy to use and is fairly intuitive. It may take some users a small amount of time getting accustomed to the system and the placement of objects, however, Comindwork is a highly functional project management and online collaboration tool that effectively helps teams monitor, manage, and organize projects are various complexity levels.


Comindwork is a highly recommended project management tool. It can handle a number of projects all varying in complexity. Users have access to a number of reporting tools, allowing project managers to view the project from various angles as well as assess and monitor its overall progress. Comindwork allows project managers to effectively manage both the “technical” and “people” side of each project simultaneously, ensuring the overall success of a project.