BizPad Software Review

BizPad is an extremely easy project management and collaboration tool. Its features are very straight forward, user-friendly, and can be managed successfully by any user’s skill level. However, it lacks a number of features compared to other resources. BizPad is likely the best option for smaller projects and managing task lists among a team or group of users. BizPad may not be the best option for larger and more complex projects where reporting expenses, tracking deadlines, and productivity levels are crucial.

User Interface

BizPad’s user interface serves the purpose of managing tasks while also maintaining a simplistic look. Most of the items within the system are fairly easy to see, navigate, and manage, however, the adding tasks, notes, and folders can be a bit clunky and frustrating until the user learns the system well enough.


BizPad’s user interface is extremely user-friendly. By simply clicking the note pad, the user is able to a line item, folder, or attachment to a project. By clicking “item” at the top of the screen, a user is also able to add tasks, notes, and even start a discussion and leave comments for other users assigned to the project. To assign another BizPad user or team member to a project or task, simply click “Add Member” on the right hand “Project” task panel.





Task Manager

The BizPad’s task manager is as involved as this tool gets. Users can click as many options as needed along the top bar such as “Approver is Me” for assigned team members, users, and followers; “High+” for priority status; projects marked as “Done” or “Closed”; as well as to-dos that are currently “open”.

The highlighted bars show what the user has selected and tasks can be searched and managed with these fields and filters. The tasks and projects associated with these filters will also appear below on the Biz notepad for easy viewing.

User can also manage their inboxes by choosing “Show All Items”, “What’s New?”, and “What’s Assigned to Me”. One of the most popular features of BizPad is that users can also opt to receive email notifications for new tasks, in-progress tasks, priority changes, and discussions and comments on each.




BizPad runs fairly quickly and smooth without any interruptions or hiccups. However, the need to click the “Save” and “Refresh” buttons seem a bit outdated. Most web-based project management and online collaboration tools should have the ability to save and refresh automatically without the user having to prompt the system to do so.

While there aren’t various screens to click between, BizPad’s functions and capabilities run quickly and smoothly and there is little to no wait time.

Ease of Use

As we’ve mentioned above, BizPad is very user-friendly. Most of the system is fairly intuitive and will take the user a short amount of time to get accustomed to the system and its basic functions. The system is also easy to navigate as well as effectively manage and organize tasks. The other benefit is that almost all features are available on the main “note pad” screen.


While BizPad is a great collaboration tool, as far as agile project management and tracking and managing project-related issues or more complex projects, it’s not the best option. There are other programs and software available that will be able to better conduct and manage project management. BizPad’s strength is managing and organizing tasks. While projects can still be set up and tracked, assigning tasks to other team members and users as well as setting priorities, exchanging comments, discussions, notes, and files is the most it can handle.

Project managers who are looking for a more advanced and more in-depth system to track, manage, and organize projects should look elsewhere. This system is a good choice for simple projects that require an online collaboration and task management tool to assign project tasks and organize files, etc. across a multitude of virtual teams.