A large number of organizations that manage several remote sites tend to encounter difficulties when it comes to the efficient management of energy data. Thus, using the best software can offer numerous advantages in energy management of sites. This tool can maximize productivity and ensure efficient business operations.

The software stores data, and the maintenance team manages the files centrally. Users can gain a quick access to the data at site level through the software portal whenever necessary. Hence, this offers a practical means of accessing data when needed, and users can utilize the software even with minimal training.

Another excellent benefit of the software is that it is capable of gathering data across the internet or corporate network by using a wide range of methods. Moreover, there is no need to install a special application to site. Users only need to have a computer with Internet Explorer, so they can access the energy data relevant to their concerns.

Data obtained from various sites may be managed in bulk, and it is possible to automate the scheduling and distributing of reports to the site through email. Furthermore, there are effective techniques for running benchmarking sites and league tables, which are all included in the software. Users who are in a retail environment may opt to enter their preferred benchmarking standards depending on the organization’s requirements.

The software also provides user-friendly modules that will meet the needs of clients who require certain applications including bulk validation of tenant billing or invoices across numerous sites. In fact, invoices may be entered at site level or imported centrally with the electronic data interchange or EDI. Lastly, the software is ideal for organizations that require regular monitoring of their energy data across an extensive portfolio of estates. With numerous features and superior functionality of the software, this tool can boost any organization’s productivity and progress.