Grid2 is an electricity, natural gas and green power company providing electric and utility to businesses and families across a wide range of deregulated states and territories. At Grid2 we’re a bit different. Our customers are our first priority, followed by a adherence to sustainable practices for providing the greenest energy possible to our clients–helping to maintain the future of our planet.

Because so many Americans now have the power to choose their energy company, we recognize the need for top quality service at the lowest rate is your number one concern. Whether you’re a family in Illinois or a medium-sized enterprise in New York, our plans are tailored to fit your varying and individual needs, giving you the best value for your energy dollar.

While home appliances have become more efficient over time, they have also increased in number. This has resulted in a greater demand for electrical power. This demand will only continue to increase as our consumption goes up and the population grows. In addition, for many homeowners, the deregulation of the utility industry meant an increase in the rates they pay for their power. It also means they have a choice between what providers they may use.

When opening the utility bills becomes an onerous event each month, it makes more and more sense to begin to shop other options in your area and find a better rate on your home utilities like electricity and natural gas. Your bills help you to at least know how much power you are consuming

In addition to providing consumers with increasingly inexpensive utility rates, we also work directly with consumers to find ways in which they can be more efficient in the way they currently manage their home electricity usage. This means that when the bill comes each month it can be lower than the month prior just by some minor home add-ons and habit changes.

Your home’s electricity is measured in units called “kilowatt hours.” These “hours” represent a great deal about our energy consumption habits in the United States. For instance, the U.S. generally consumes approximately about 150 kilowatt hours (kWh) each year. And while California usually tops the chart for consuming the most energy, other states like New York are not far behind. These numbers will most assuredly continue to increase.

Because the average cost per kWh varies state by state and even city by city, nailing a precise price for your area means you need someone “on the ground” who knows what they are doing. Some areas, for instance, differ widely. Remote island areas cost even more because fossil fuels must be transported to those areas where they are burned to create the power needed for consumers to use. Whatever your situation, there is certainly a solution where Nead & Co. can help. Whether you are looking for a new provider or simply would like to discuss methodologies for lower your consumption with a energy consultant, we can help. Give us a call.