By using this reporting module, users can look over a set of report templates, on an “as needed” basis, regardless of what segment of information they need.

The users who are utilizing the template can select which channels of the company a report should be run on, allowing them to look at a smaller area, or larger areas of the company with each report printed. So, it is possible to look at several different functions and levels within the organization, on a single report. Additionally, users have the ability to run the reports through automatic scheduling, and they can also receive email distribution of these reports, to ensure those who should see the report, will receive it as it is generated.

Templates for the Reports

A number of templates are offered through the program, and they are divided into categories, for the different reporting techniques being used. With each category, several reports are generated, and each one will focus on a different area of the organization’s energy data. The reports are produced so you can gather the information, and glean over the information you need, yet it is printed in a professional style, in the short report.

Using the module Reporter Design, you can extend reports as necessary, this allows users to view more than what is generally provided within the restricted reports that are produced.

Report Scheduling

If you are looking for a quick and easy method to schedule your reports, the report scheduling software provides it to you; it allows you to send the information to one or more users, directly through to their email address. This functional feature is provided for both of the report templates that are found within the eReporting module, and it is also available for the reports that are generated using the Energy Analysis module.