In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in interest and concern for the environment, particularly in conservation of energy.  In line with this, many of states, if not all, have been reaching out to their locals to participate in this endeavor by passing directives, local environmental policies, and even incentives that ultimately promote energy efficiency.  This is why today’s utilities are gearing toward renewable integration.  Some even get ahead to a federal renewable portfolio standard (RPS).

Grid2 is here to help you achieve renewable integration in a high-tech, smart, and easy-to-grasp package.  Grid2’s smart grid software offers you visibility, analytics, verification, and monitoring.  Our software will not only provide you with real-time data, it will also process it for you.  And hand-in-hand with our load management, storage management, and electric vehicle management modules, adapting renewable integration into your core business will be easier, with less surprises and more stability.

With the visibility that Grid2 smart grid software gives, you can handle the impacts that renewable energy generation entails.  And once you know how your system is affected, predictability is enhanced, and so is reliability.  With this sophisticated control, you able to maximize your returns on this new investment and gain the loyalty of satisfied consumers.

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