Public Service Electric & Gas

Welcome to Grid2. Whether native or new to New Jersey we are happy to provide the most competitive Electric and Natural Gas rates in the utility PSEG.

Grid2’s primary focus is to Commercial and Residential customers who are looking to pay lower energy prices. This includes lower electric and natural gas bills.

With the advent of deregulation in New Jersey, Grid2 can provide the best rates possible while allowing PSEG to focus on what they do best, the distribution of the energy.

PSEG (NYSE: PEG) is home to Northern New Jersey and was originally established in 1903 as “The Public Service Corporation”. PSEG is called PSE&G. This is an acronym for Public Service Enterprise Group and was recently acquired in 2005 by Exelon a Chicago and Philadelphia based company. It services more than 1.7 million Gas customers and 2.3 million Electric customers in over 300 communities.

They operate as a Utility that provides energy as a “provider of last resort” to all commercial and residential customers. This means, in a deregulated atmosphere, no matter who provides Electric or Gas to your business or home, PSEG will always be there as a provider of that energy as a Utility.

Only years ago New Jersey allowed Energy Choice or New Jersey Choice that allows other companies called Suppliers to provide energy. Grid2 is one of the beneficiaries.

And in return, Grid2 provides the great energy savings to all who sign up!
Customers can save up to 30% to the Utility and provide a level or security with energy products suited to their need.

Along the way learn to save more with energy conservation techniques. Energy conservation begins with education.

For Gas or Electric emergencies or to report an outage call: 1-800-880-7734
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