Philadelphia Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

One of the largest cities in the country has deregulated its  energy market. This center for commerce, education and culture can now enjoy the positive benefits of deregulation since it fosters completion which leads to improved services and lower rates. Energy providers that are operating in this city will prosper based on their performance in an open market environment.

Natural Gas

The deregulated environment opens a window for natural gas companies to have a bigger market and increase their business; and they are doing so with their operations in new markets. These new suppliers will have to compete with the existing supplier and each other. This is a good thing for you since you can choose the company that will provide you with the best combination of price and service.  You will need information on all the natural gas companies operating in your area along with their price and service packages. You can shortcut the process by simply calling us. We already have the information you need. We can also discuss with you the merits of each of the companies’ offering.  This will give you the right information to make an informed choice.

Green Energy

Electricity can be produced through green energy like wind, solar, and hydro. This form of energy generation is less harmful to the environment and you can get a lower rate too. We can assist you by giving you information on who the green energy providers are in your area and as well as the price and services they offer.


Your supply of electricity is no longer monopolized by one company. More than one company can now provide you with your electricity needs.  Electricity companies are entering new markets and competing with one another to get more customers. At your end, you must review all the options given to you so you can make the best decision in choosing the right electricity provider.

With our database of information regarding electricity suppliers and our expertise in this area, we can help you make the best choice possible. Just give us a call.