Altoona Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

Altoona City is steadily rising to renewed economic prosperity. What is of help in the city’s growth is the deregulation in the energy sector.  The previous laws prevented energy companies from entering new markets, stifling their growth and desire for innovation.  With the current environment, energy companies are servicing new areas to increase market share and profit.  This is good for consumers too as there is more competition and companies will improve their services and lower prices to attract more customers.


Electricity companies are entering new markets to get more business and generate more profits. This means more electricity providers in your area and more competition.  You can have more choices since companies with be providing different power rates and services.  You may not be aware of the different electricity providers in your area as well as the services and rates they are offering. We can provide you with all the information you need.  We can also provide you with expert advice regarding the options available to you.

Renewable Energy

There are companies that use renewable energy to produce electricity.  With energy deregulation renewable energy companies can enter different electricity markets. You may want to use this form of energy generation for your electricity requirements.  By doing so you are putting less strain on the environment; the carbon emission is much lower and at the same time you can enjoy lower electricity rates.  We can give you information on the renewable energy options available in your locality.

Natural Gas

Under the deregulated environment you have the option of choosing your natural gas provider.  Natural gas companies are allowed to enter new market to expand their business while at the same time providing natural gas consumers alternative supplies of natural gas.  Natural gas companies will each have their own pricing and servicing schemes to attract more clients.  Everything may not be so clear to you or you may not know who the gas providers are.

With our data bank of information about all the natural gas providers in your area, we can give you a list of companies available as well as help you clear up issues and unanswered questions.