Allentown Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

The City of Allentown has a history in manufacturing and now has a large service industry.  It is also now one of the energy deregulated cities.  This means more energy providers can enter the energy market of the city. This is good for consumers as this offers more options in choosing their energy supplier.

Electricity Options

With the deregulated environment consumers can now choose their electricity provider. This is possible because electricity companies can enter new markets, which mean more electricity providers in an area. This leads to competition with companies trying to distinguish themselves from each other. Companies will offer price and service packages tailored to different customer needs. For the consumer this allows them to compare prices and services of different companies in the area and see which one can offer the best option. We can give you the list of electricity providers in your area as well as the price and service packages they offer.

Natural Gas Options

Deregulation encourages natural gas providers to enter new markets to get a bigger market share and more profits. For consumers this means more natural gas providers that offer different price and service structures. This allows consumers the chance to compare what each provider has to offer. We can help you with your choice since we know the natural gas providers in your area.  There may be a new gas company that can satisfy your requirements that fits your budget.

Renewable Energy Options

There are companies that produce electricity using renewable energy such as wind, solar or hydro. You may want to use this form of energy to supply you electricity needs. Since renewable energy companies can enter new markets there is an option for you to tap this form of energy. We know the renewable energy providers in the deregulated market, be it wind, solar or hydro.  Give us a call and we can discuss the renewable energy options available in your area.