Kettering Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

The City of Kettering now enjoys an energy deregulated environment. Deregulation allows energy producers to enter markets previously closed to them. More than one provider of electricity or natural gas can now be operating in your area. This is of great benefit to consumer since they now have a choice when it comes to choosing their electricity or natural gas supplier. It also means improved service and lower power rates as competing companies try to outdo each other to get more customers.

Electricity Option

The more open market has allowed electric companies to expand to new areas. This sets the tone for competition with a number of electric companies vying for the same customers.  Companies will offer service and price packages that attract more customers. So it’s fantastic to be a consumers since you have more than one choice and there will be improvement in service and rates.

Natural Gas Option

Just like in the electricity sector the natural gas market in your area allows new gas provider to enter, fostering competition. With competition expect each company to provide a more superior offering or package their service in such a way that is more appealing to consumers. This leads to better service and lower prices.

Renewable Energy Option

You will be helping the environment by sourcing electricity from renewable energy. Deregulation allows renewable energy companies to venture into new market areas and grow their business.  You may find a renewable energy company that produces electricity at an affordable price under the deregulated environment.

Our Service

We provide information and expert advice.  You now have options to choose from, but in order to make the most of the options given, you need the necessary information.  We have the information that you need. We can give you a list of the energy providers in your area along with the service and price they offer and help you make the necessary comparisons. Just call us so we can help you make the best possible choice for all your energy needs.