Troy Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

The city of Troy has a promising small high-technology sector. Now there is even more promise and hope with the deregulated energy sector.  Competition is encouraged in this new environment and this means opportunities for both the provider and the consumer of energy. The providers can enter new markets and expand their business while the consumer will benefit from the lower prices and better services that come with competition.

Renewable Energy Requirements

Under the deregulated environment, providers of electricity that use renewable energy can enter new markets previously closed to them.  This means more providers in your area, allowing you to choose a company that gives you the best deal possible in terms of pricing and service. You may not be aware who these providers are and we can help you identify them as well as give you the prices and services they offer.

Natural Gas Requirements

Like any company, natural gas providers want more business. The deregulated environment gives them the opportunity to so, that’s why these companies are always in the lookout for new markets. This is the ideal situation for consumers as there are more companies to choose from for your natural gas needs. You have to make a choice though and we are here to assist you on that matter.  We can clear up the issues that you want answered before you make your choice.

Electricity Requirements

Times couldn’t get any better as an electricity consumer since you now have the option to choose your electricity supplier. Whereas before you were stuck with one electricity company, now you can choose from many. The new environment means many providers in your area and these providers need to distinguish themselves from one another.  So they have the own service and price packages to offer.

We can help you in your choice. We have the information that you are looking for, plus we offer advice to provide you with the best energy solution to fit your needs.