Albany Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

The capital city of New York State, continuous its leading ways by being an energy deregulated city. This city known for being a center of higher education also has the distinction of allowing its citizens the opportunity to choose which company to provide them with energy.  The choices available are quite varied.

Natural Gas Needs

The deregulated environment provides beneficial opportunities for both natural gas providers and users.  The provider can now have a much bigger market to operate in while the users can have a wider choice of providers.  Natural gas providers will do their best to provide good service to get more clients while customers can be more discerning in choosing providers. This is good for the two parties as they both work to improve their current status.

Electricity Needs

Customers who once wondered if there was a way to lessen their energy cost and desired for better services can now enjoy this with the deregulated environment in Albany.  With many electricity providers wanting a piece of the action, they are doing their best to lower cost and provide better service knowing other electricity companies are doing the same.  This benefits the customers while at the same time making the electric utilities more efficient and productive.

Renewable Energy Needs

Would you like to participate in the green movement? Given the changes that have taken place it is now a possibility to have your energy from a renewable source.  This is one way to have reasonably priced energy while at the same time contributing to preserving mother earth.  Your source of energy is not limited to companies located in your immediate locality but from other places that can provide competitive prices and services.  This has opened the gates for renewable energy companies to offer their product to a much bigger market.  Now you can be a part of this growing trend.

With the myriad choices offered to meet your energy needs, we can help you get a better picture of the energy scene and assist you in making the best decision.