Wayne Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

This township has beautiful lakes and is easily accessible since major roadways crisscross the area. With energy deregulation the place is now easily accessible to energy providers. The barriers that once prevented other electricity and natural gas companies from entering have now been removed.  This means there are more energy providers to choose from which is a positive development for the area.


Residents of this township can choose among companies who have entered the local electricity market which one will be their electricity provider. The deregulation program is meant to foster competition among electricity providers.  This necessitates them to make investments to improve their services and be more competitive in pricing.  This is good for consumers as they will directly benefit from the lower electricity bills and better service. For electricity providers this means new opportunities to expand their markets.

Green Energy

There are companies that produce electricity with renewable energy such as hydro, solar, and wind. These companies too, can now enter new markets and provide their service. Under this new environment there is a chance for you to use green energy and if you are already using green energy there is the opportunity to look for better prices.

Natural Gas

The deregulated environment allows natural gas companies to enter new markets. This means more options for consumers. Which is a good thing since you now have basis for comparing companies through the service and price they offer.  So you can find the gas company that best fits your requirements and budget.

Our Service

The deregulated environment means a host of information needs to be digested by consumers so they can come up with the right choice.  There is also the issue if they have all the information they need. We make things easier for you since we have the information needed and we can provide you with authoritative advice that allows you to make the best choice possible.