Newark Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

Just about everything that we do today requires shopping. We shop for our homes and cars, daily necessities and food. What you may not realize is that just as you are able to pick everything else that you shop for, as a resident in Newark, New Jersey, you are now able to shop around for your utility provider as well.


Newark, New Jersey, along with many other cities, has adopted recent deregulation legislation. This means that the company which has provided electricity to your home up to this point in time is no longer the only option that you have. Under these new laws, you are now free to look into and employ another electric company if you should desire to do so.

Natural Gas

Not only do people who utilize electricity have the option to change providers, residents in Newark, New Jersey, have that option as well. This may be a huge blessing for you as prices for natural gas have increased over the last several years. The companies in your area will be happy to talk with you about finding a plan and payment that can better fit your needs.

Green Energy Solutions

While you may know a lot about taking care of the environment, what you may not know is that you now have the option to use renewable energy to power your home. By using green energy to power your home, you will be helping to keep the earth cleaner for the generations to come. Some of the means that you may be able to utilize, but may not be limited to, are wind and solar power.

Whether your goal is to just save money, or to do your part in helping to keep the earth clean, due to recent deregulation legislation you will be able to achieve it. No one particularly wants to spend all their money on things that they need. By doing some bargain hunting, you may be able to save enough money on your utilities so that you can put that money towards something else that you desire.