Clifton Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

Before New Jersey deregulated the energy companies, the residents were not given a choice of energy companies to use. That has all changed now, if you reside or are moving to Clifton, New Jersey you are given several energy options, each are different and the costs are varied. You have three options, electricity, natural gas and green energy. Only you can decide which one of those meets your energy needs.

Green Energy

Many people in Clifton are choosing green energy because they care about our environment and want to conserve other sources of energy. Green energy is derived from our winds turning windmills as well as the suns rays that are captured in solar panels. Both are excellent choices and money saving. The only difference between the two is the way the energy is turned into electricity. Talk to each company about their prices and obtain more information from them if you need to. After considering all of the companies choose one.

Natural Gas

The most recent deregulation in Clifton has given the citizens new choices. The local natural gas companies want and need customers business. They are doing things like lower their prices. Natural gas companies already have benefits in that gas is less expensive to use than electricity. After you have done a bit of research, pick the natural gas company that meets all of your energy needs. You will be surprised about how much money you can save for other things by using gas.


Generally speaking, using electricity is expensive for everyone living in Clifton, New Jersey until now. The deregulation affected all of the electric and natural gas companies. They have had to change everything from their rates to advertising. It is up to you to determine which electric company has the best deal and choose them to give you service.

When the Government deregulated the state of New Jersey, this gave the citizens a chance to learn about the different forms of energy and then they were able to make in informed decision. The electric and natural gas companies had to regroup and make their services more appetizing to the public. Green energy is a wonderful choice for those who are concerned about our earth and environment.