New Jersey Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

You may be able to name off a huge list of things by which your state, New Jersey, is well known. Different tourist attractions, famous people, and even the best restaurants may all be on your list. What may not be on your list, and yet is on the forefront of most people’s minds in today’s economy, is how to save money on the necessities of life. Thankfully, New Jersey has taken a major step to help its residents out and adopted recent in order to assist people with paying for utilities.


New Jersey, along with many other states, has now deregulated electricity. This is a huge blessing for every homeowner, as each and every person is now free to choose which company provides electricity for his/her home. If you are not happy with the rates that you are currently paying for electricity, you are now free to call other companies in your area in search of rates that will meet your needs without breaking your bank account.

Natural Gas

For those of you who use natural gas to power your home, never fear, New Jersey did not forget about you. The recent deregulation legislation applies to natural gas as well. You are no longer required to continue receiving services from your current provider. You may want to do some research into what rates other companies can offer you that your current provider can not.

Green Energy Solutions

By adopting deregulation legislation, New Jersey has also made it possible for people to utilize renewable sources of energy to power their homes. You are no longer stuck using energy that leaves behind a large carbon footprint. Wind and solar power are some of the more environmentally friendly options that you have to power your home.

New Jersey has made a big step in order to help out each of its residents. Perhaps that is one of the best things for which a state can be known. Whether you remember which famous people came from your state or not, make sure to remember that who provides power to your home and by what means you receive that power is now your choice.