National Grid

National Grid is listed on both the NYSE and LSE as NGG and NG respectively. The company is one of the largest in the world with operations in both Great Britain and the United States. The core focus of the organization is the transmission of both high-voltage electricity and high pressure gas systems across Britain and the U.S.

National Grid U.S. currently provides electric service to about 3.3 million customers. In New York alone, National Grid provides gas to approximately 565,000 customers. National Grid’s holdings span from the transmission to metering as well as interconnectors.

Because the company’s operations are highly complex, National Grid brings together a unique mix of skills and expertise in the production, extraction and delivery of its products to customers around the globe. As part of the corporate vision, National Grid is committed to the worldwide innovative leader in energy management while safeguarding the earth’s limited environmental resources. We at work with National Grid to provide, safe, secure, efficient and environmentally friendly electricity and natural gas solutions to businesses and families in the United States and Canada.