Kalamazoo Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

There was a time not so long ago when all electric and natural gas companies were regulated. This meant that the city you lived in told you to choice a certain gas or electric company for service. With the help of our lawmakers energy companies in Kalamazoo, Michigan are deregulated. This has enabled everyone to talk to different energy companies to compare prices.

Green Energy Solutions

The best decision you can make is to use green energy in your home and at the work place. The reasons are simple and to the point, it saves money, it contributes to a healthier environment. The way that green energy is made is through the power of our sun and the power of the wind. The wind turns the windmill blades. The windmill then turns that energy into electricity so that you can power electric appliances, lights and all of those things that use electric power. Solar panels are used in much the same way. They soak up the suns rays they are then turned into energy. That energy is stored in the solar panels and turns into electric power.


All of the electric companies were not equal until the state of Michigan decided to deregulate them. Deregulation of all electric companies gave each company an equal chance to market to the citizens of Kalamazoo. It is completely up to each individual or family to choose the company that works best for them. Be smart and do a little bit of research before signing a contract with any electric company. Talk with the neighbors about which electric company they use and what they like about them and how much it costs.

Natural Gas

Just like the electric companies every natural gas company are now deregulated. Choosing natural gas is a good thing because it burns clean you don’t pay as much for gas as you do for electricity. It is also good for our environment in fact you could probably use the term green energy when speaking of natural gas. Along with the gas you will still need an electric service there is no way to get around that. You will soon discover when you receive that first electric bill that they are asking for less money. This means you automatically save from the start.

Deciding which sources of energy to use in your home has always been a bit of a challenge to decide. Now you can compare companies and prices to help you make a more informed decision, while potentially saving you and your family money in the process.