A calculated metering system could come in very handy as the money spent by companies of all sizes keep increasing every year if not every month. A calculated metering module can also complement an energy management system in place. They are employed to create metering channels with the right equation and calculation. Calculated metering channels are often referred to as virtual metering channels, which can perform an assorted number of tasks like, calculating Power Factor, boiler efficiency, kVa, etc, and most importantly aggregate data and manage it efficiently.


Ease of Use:


The software is pretty straightforward to use with an intuitive interface. One can configure the channels with equations and also tune it later, need be. Like physical metering, the calculated metering module allows you to create and store calculation within the software which acts as a metering channel.


Efficiency Monitoring:


Once the channels are created, one can evaluate the efficiency from a computer. For instance, steam lookup tables are used to perform functions like energy obtained from steam can be monitored.

Virtual meters are quickly replacing physical meter monitoring since they are easy to use and can work on the same principle, only that the whole process of configuring and monitoring is simplified. For instance, calculated meters can be based on mathematical equations or summation of physical meters to work out the efficiency.
Unlike physical metering systems, they can also perform more sophisticated tasks like performing calculation of other virtual metering points in place.


Easy Installation:


Calculated Metering Channels can be set up for smart metering with state-of-the-art data logging hardware. It doesn’t matter if an organization has local or in-house contractors or installers. In many cases the local contractor can be trained or a competent and certified electrical contractor can be provided to your site.

It really does not matter if your company is small or large, has single or multiple location, a good Calculated Metering module can work as a great metering solution for effective monitoring and subsequently improve the energy efficiency.