Maryland Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

As residents in Maryland, you should be well aware of some common facts about your state. You most likely know what your state bird and flower are, as well which famous people were born in your state. What you may not be aware of is the recent legislation that Maryland, amongst many other states, has passed concerning utilities.


The deregulation legislation recently adopted by Maryland was done so in order to assist those who power their homes by electricity. Before this legislation was put into place, whatever electric company was providing power to your home was the company that you were forced to continuing using. Under this new law, people are free to choose whichever electric company they want to power their homes.

Natural Gas

Deregulation legislation also applies to the citizens of Maryland who use natural gas to power their homes. By putting this legislation into place, the citizens are now able to do their own comparative shopping in order to find a company that will be able to best suit their needs. Natural gas prices have done everything but decrease, and by doing some research and comparative shopping, residents may find that they are able to reduce what they are paying for natural gas by selecting a different company.

Green Energy Solutions

For the citizens in Maryland who would like to utilize another source of power in their homes that is less corruptive of the environment, green energy sources are now options. There are many companies throughout the state that have been equipped to outfit the homes to receive more environmentally friendly means of power. Some of the alternative sources of energy include water, wind, and solar power.

Deregulation legislation is an asset for everyone. If you are a small utility company has been previously unable to receive much business due to larger companies monopolizing in the area, those days could be over. Residents will benefit from this legislation as they are no longer required to stay with the company they are currently utilizing. Even the earth may be able to benefit from more people using green energy sources.