Overview: JouleX is an energy management system that monitors, analyzes, and controls energy usage of any devices connected to a network, without a client-side agent or hardware meters. JouleX advertises that their customers reduce their energy costs by up to 60% and comes in a variety of different packages for different types of businesses.


Pros: JouleX is set up so that power can be managed automatically and remotely, which means that once it’s in action, it can be mostly hands-off. It has trademarked Load Adaptive Computing and Networking, which alters capacity depending on demand throughout the entire network. It also takes into account a company’s need to become sustainable as well as increase profits with its Sustainable Procurement practices.


Cons: Getting to the point where JouleX practically runs on its own can take some time, so it’s not a magic bullet. This energy management system is also more focused on businesses with heavy server loads and large data centers, rather than looking at the management techniques factories or other non-office oriented businesses could utilize.  Notable Features: JouleX is constantly adding new features and has claimed many industry firsts, like device support for computer room air conditioning, rack and floor power distribution units, and uninterruptible power supplies. It was also the first energy management system to support all the top power management networking vendors, like Cisco, Intel, and VMware. But what sets JouleX apart is its ability to measure dynamic energy consumption as well as how any device attached to the network is being utilized, making it easy to optimize energy use and reduce waste.


Data: On top of its amazing ability to integrate, as noted above, JouleX is optimized for both virtualization and cloud computing. It supports demand response programs, including IT equipment. It provides corporate sustainability reports for better company transparency and customized internal reports with detailed analysis to identify power hogs and poor utilization, and suggests solutions to resolve them.


Verdict: For any tech company or office environment, JouleX is probably one of the best picks for an energy management system. Time and time again, JouleX has put their money straight back into improving their software, adding features, and claiming industry firsts. It may seem like a big leap to go after the new guy, but JouleX was so innovative that they were picked up by Cisco for $107 million. For anyone who is a Cisco EnergyWise this would be a wise purchase, as after the purchase, JouleX put out a special build for EnergyWise users.



Contact Info: 800-553-6387