Typically, clients who are involved in Industrial Manufacturing need to monitor multiple large-scale sites which might also include extensive sub-monitoring across the factory. As it often happens, the capability of monitoring performance efficiency across multiple locations right down to the process level is critical for a project to be successful. This could mean a number of different scenarios and might also include, for example, the import of degree day or production data for comparison against unit consumption of electricity (in kWh).

The software provides for various techniques to monitor load data of the base, perform various calculations such as regression testing and perform targeting by basing it across a range of key performance indicators. It also has the ability to store information as a wide range of calculated or virtual meters which helps in the efficient monitoring of boilers, CHP and other plant equipment across the sites, which can then be formed into graphs.

In case there is any anomaly with regards to pure energy consumption or performance efficiency, the software can be set to automatically generate energy alarms. These notifications can also be automatically forwarded, via email, to all its users or to appropriate members of the staff such as the production floor operatives. It can also be used to provide simplified access to shop floor users who may have received very little to no training regarding the use of the software, but still need to use energy data which is specific to their area.

The software application is structured in such a way that all relevant employees, from any location anywhere in the world, will be able to access their data from any PC using just Internet Explorer. It removes the need to install any application into the client PC. This makes the sharing of data across a plant, or across multiple locations, extremely simple and cost effective.