Aurora Utility Rates

Finding inexpensive electricity and natural gas rates for your home or business can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

Aurora has had a very long association with electricity and this connection takes a new positive turn with the city now having a deregulated electricity and natural gas market.  Restrictions that prevented other electric and natural gas providers from entering the local energy market have now been removed. Energy utility companies capable of providing service to your area can now enter and do business. This means more choices for you to meet your energy needs.

Renewable Energy

This is one of the cleaner ways to produce electricity. You may want to use this form of electricity generation and help lessen the rate of global climate change. If you want to know the renewable energy options in your city just call us.

Natural Gas

Your city’s natural gas market is now open to any gas company that can provide the area with natural gas. With new natural gas providers entering the local market you now have the chance to choose which gas company can provide the best offer to suit your need and budget.

You may not be aware of the all natural gas companies operating in your area and what they are offering.    We can be of help. We have the list of natural gas providers in the locality and what price and service they offer.  Just call us and over the phone we can give you the information you need as well as help clarify ambiguous information to your satisfaction.


Electric companies are now entering new markets to grow their business with the restrictions removed.  These companies must offer service and rates that will draw more customers.  This means better service and lower prices for the electricity consuming   public

We have the list of electric companies who are providing their service in your area and we also know what rates and services they are offering.  Instead of having to make numerous calls to get all the information you need, you can just make one call to us and we can help you make the best choice available to meet your electricity needs.