Data provides the cornerstone for expert decision-making for today’s global organizations. Access to timely energy data provides the tools necessary to significantly reduce environmental and financial costs for your organization on a global scale. Access and make sense of complex energy consumption data and trends.

Robust Tools

Advanced energy tools with adjustable and easy-to-use functionality, make the software a must-have for some of the world’s largest energy consuming organizations. Advanced and novus users alike can find benefit from using our advanced energy tools.

Informed Decisions

With the right data, efficiency managers are empowered to make informed decisions for decreasing waste and increasing productive energy throughput. Your tools allow for advanced data gathering along with productive data interpretation, giving your organization the ability to make decisions aligned with specific energy goals.

Proper tools for charting, benchmarking and effectively managing energy usage and consumption are essential in today’s energy-intensive environments. Facility managers, energy managers, utility consultants and building engineers are significantly aided by the analysis tools available. For years a lack of sufficient data, coupled with insufficient data analysis tools and procedures has significantly hampered the effectiveness of energy management systems. Luckily “big data” gathering and listening techniques have helped to enhance areas of measurement, providing significant energy savings for the environment and cost savings for the enterprise.

The software was designed for simplicity and savings maximization. In short, we work to help organizations see how and where energy needs are greatest during peaks and troughs and then we allow the help of both software and expert energy consulting techniques to help rid waste and save money. Gleaning, filtering and interpreting raw data from utility usage helps organizations identify wasteful energy practices and will illuminate the organization on how to reduce such waste going forward. By keeping an eye on efficiency, the software provides significant value-add for organizations looking to cut greenhouse gas emissions and increase overall efficiency for energy maximization.

Utility bill reporting, tracking and energy cost calculation all play a role in inefficiency maximization, cost avoidance and utility waste management. Energy saving involves data measurement, proper data filtration and ultimately timely interpretation. Only then can active and efficacious decision-making rightly occur. Decisions relative to efficient energy management are often ill-informed and out-of-date. By providing efficient and time-sensitive data, for your enterprise you will improve your bottom line through efficiency.

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For organizations with offices stretching across a myriad of languages, the software provides the tools for coordinating efforts and goals by providing the tools for multi-lingual support.


Scalable cloud-ready tools allow users to access, view and interpret data simultaneously and immediately from any location, worldwide. With access to nearly any data point on a given network of users, the software provides the tools to effectively manage thousands of data points in hundreds of locations.


With energy management requirements reaching even the lowest rank-and-file employees, your organization needs to be prepared with turnkey energy metering and data output controls so relevant decisions can be easily made on a network that reaches global scale. Our software can help.

Quick Integration

With data-focused software built from the ground-up, we provide some of the best plug-and-play options for ensuring a quick and seamless deployment of your energy software. With quick integration with nearly any off-the-shelf hardware, including data meters and external controllers, our software provides the meter analysis your organization needs to make timely decisions relative to your energy usage.

Timely Data

With Excel-based export functionality, even lower-level users are able to export, view, edit and import reports on the fly. This can provide meaningful data for fast decision making that can save global organizations thousands on energy consumption on an annual basis. Having quick access to your organization’s energy data can make a huge financial and environmental impact.

Customized Energy Management

Every organization has differing goals when it comes to maintaining and managing energy efficiency. Regardless of the desired outcome, our systems are meant to provide a flexible plug-in for optimizing the deepest levels of your energy systems. Customized control integration is provided for both data inputs and desired output reads. Having a fully-customized energy management solution means you only receive the data you need to maximize your organization’s overall efficiency goals.

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