Our company provides data management software to global organizations with varying levels of needs. Its versatility is attractive to large, global companies who serve clients around the world. With the large number of access points necessary to serve a variety of clients, our software provides a comprehensive tool for data management that is adaptable for companies of all sizes from a variety of industries.


Centralized Management

Our web-based software provides users with globalized accessibility and central housing of all important data. Clients can access their information within the network, or from any personal computer or mobile device that runs Internet Explorer. There is nothing to install on the client’s end, making it easy for them to access data immediately without having to download or configure anything. In addition, there is nothing to upgrade or maintain as time goes on. This makes implementation of our system extremely easy.

With larger companies, there may be multiple users accessing the information from every corner of the earth. One convenient feature of our software is that all users can be managed by one central administrator, who, like the users, can access the system from any computer, located in any country. From a management perspective, this is an extremely important feature.


User Adaptability

Our software is designed to accommodate users of all ability levels. There is a simplified version of the software that is available for those who are computer-shy or just starting out in the field. The full version also accommodates users of all ability levels by offering direct support for users. Knowing that there are different levels of expertise in data management, the software is designed accordingly.



The software suite is offered in many different languages for people to use around the world. As a global, web-based piece of software, it caters to those speaking English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and German, to name a few of the more common languages. Additional languages can be configured into the software to support users on their end.

With our software, global companies can access their business data from anywhere in the world. All the information that is related to their companies are forwarded to one single, central database for easy access. For companies wishing to implement global data management, our web-based product is the way to go.