What we do

Platform Design

Custom-designed and developed fintech platforms for both retail and investment banks.

Speedy Deployment

Create and deploy multiple private-label fintech platform instances for nearly any financial use-case.


A truly  multi-tenant fintech development environment for third-party fintech applications.

Scalable Support

Scaled deployment and support for an unlimited number of multi-tenant environments using automated process control.

Digital + Financial

In today’s digitally driven world, finance and technology often overlap. The Bitcoin is one example of this that was once an idea but has become a reality. At Nead & Co., we not only encourage these solutions and ideas, we also have the experience and knowledge to help take your idea to the next level. Even if you are uncertain of the best course of action for your idea, we just might have the right solution for your fintech software needs.

FinTech refers to modern technologies enabling new ideas and innovations surrounding financial services on the web, which include the fields of e-commerce, mobile payment, crowd lending and investing, business intelligence or services involving the blockchain.

Fintech Consulting

Nead & Co. has supported and advanced the development of any FinTech idea through the power of research, financial planning and management, and software solutions – bringing your FinTech idea to a reality. We deliver profound solutions and advise you on your FinTech projects, as well as on the integration and automation of financial workflows in existing systems. Every FinTech idea that is brought to us is unique in its own way; therefore, our consultation approach and methodology will also be unique.

No idea is too big or too small for the group of experienced and knowledgeable fintech consultants and mentors at Nead & Co. If you have a unique idea, then we want to hear about it. Contact us to see how we can help support you and your project!

Fintech Design & Consulting

What makes working with finance and technology particularly risky is that it also involves dealing with people’s money. As a result, this presents a world of challenges and considerations to be mindful of, such as the regulatory environment, legal considerations, trust and credibility and even brand royalty. The team at Nead & Co. goes above and beyond to ensure that we understand clients’ feelings concerning these issues, and are dedicated to providing them with scaleable and helpful solutions while also maintaining their trust in our brand and in our team.

Additionally, through our understanding and network of contacts, the team at Nead & Co. knows just who to contact for help, knowledge, and expertise to ensure that our solutions for our clients reach their goals.

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Custom Implementation & Development

Regardless of whether you’re starting a new project or researching innovative solutions to optimize your existing systems, we will actively support your FinTech project with our knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Although we are a team comprised of professionals with financial knowledge, our involvement doesn’t end there; we are also a team of web developers, experts in user experience (UX) and design, and we provide ongoing support and guidance to you and your project from the beginning to a very successful end.

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