Are you an energy manager with an insatiable desire to take a deeper dive into your organization’s energy usage data? Does your business require enhanced analysis for upper-level management reporting and presentations? The Microsoft Excel data export module was built for the end-user in mind. Easily take existing data from the SaaS-powered web interface and export directly to a spreadsheet. There you can edit, analyze and manipulate the data using standard Excel tools and functions to your heart’s content. When finished, managers are able to upload new results and figures back to the web-portal.

Energy data analysis is performed simply and easily using traditional Excel functions. Editing and manipulating data can be performed with no additional training. Users are able to edit data in other applications in which they have familiarity.

To begin exporting directly to Excel, a simple application is downloaded and installed. This app is required to run and edit within Excel directly on your desktop. Using Microsoft Excel 2003 or later, an Excel toolbar add-on allows direct access to the server while still providing all the security features included in the web-based module.

The ability to both retrieve, edit and analyze raw data from the server using Excel provides a powerful tool for running scenarios, computing calculations and creating comprehensive reports from your power usage. Once analyzed data can then be used to create graphics for use in other applications such as Word and PowerPoint.

From any location, easily insert any piece of data you wish to share on the server by simply defining parameters. This features allows for automatic updates by simply reopening the spreadsheet on your desktop. Included is the complete security features you would expect in an enterprise solution.

The Excel app is licensed on a per-user basis. Once licensed, the Excel application can be used by any user with server and application license access using Excel 2003 or greater.