Overview: What makes eSight different than another energy management system is that it’s an entirely web-based software as a service (Saas) product, or can be installed on site. It also focuses on both small businesses and large enterprises, unlike many other systems which only target the latter. It boasts that it can reduce consumption, costs, and carbon emissions by up to 30%.


Pros: The web-based nature of eSight means that it can be accessed anywhere. For companies who aren’t ready to invest in an energy management system, eSight also allows a subscription service, where businesses can choose a pay-as-you-go model with eSight’s software as a service version. It is also a worldwide service, able to work with multiple currencies and local guidelines.


Cons: Tools to verify billing data are more basic and not provided with any type of associated service. eSight enables users to import data from virtually any hardware manufacturer or source data stream. In doing this, the system does not offer any controls, or vendor specific alignment. Notable Features: eSight directly converts a company’s consumption data into monetary units, making it easier to digest. One thing that really sets it apart is its ability to set up a revenue contract, which is meant to be used in tenant billing.


Data: eSight is specifically set up to handle contracts, with regards to energy consumption. It focuses heavily on calculating tariff details, including calculating variations at up to 1-minute intervals. It can do invoice validation when it has imported financial data to run against it.


Verdict: It’s hard to tell if eSight will actually make good on cutting energy consumption by 30%, but it does have a variety of tools that can help a company manage their billing and contract information. There isn’t a lot of energy management system software that is marketed as global, with so many of them being US-based, so using eSight would be perfect for an international company. The pay-as-you-go model and focus on small businesses might appeal to some who can’t afford the initial investment in an energy management system.



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