Overview: EnergyCAP is one of the oldest energy management systems and in many ways has set the bar for others. They’ve been providing their software to users for over 30 years. They have 10 different features in their software that help businesses achieve their energy goals, including reducing billing errors, improving budgeting, identifying energy inefficiencies, and much more. EnergyCAP assists with choosing low-cost vendors, gives businesses a unified tool for submeter readings, and allows the user to compare different sites in order to identify which facilities are inefficient.


Pros: Originally, EnergyCAP was only marketed to big organizations, considering its big price tag. Now, it’s offering EnergyCAP Express, which has all of the features of EnergyCAP, but is intended for companies without large IT resources. EnergyCAP has always made sure that support and updates are available as needed. There is also a 30-day trial for the web-based version, which means that companies shopping around for an energy management system can try before they buy.


Cons: Most of the features available with EnergyCAP are standard with almost every energy management system, even the lower-priced options. EnergyCAP is a more expensive product, due to its regular updates and complex features. Even with EnergyCAP Express, it may be more logical for a small business to use an energy management system that better fits into their budget. It is also Windows-only, so businesses running Apple or UNIX systems will have to look elsewhere. Notable Features: EnergyCAP comes in two different packages marketed towards businesses, EnergyCAP enterprise and a cloud-based system called EnergyCAP Express. There are also web-based and traditional software versions of their products. EnergyCAP has features to take advantage of “Green Energy” credits and to gain Energy Star ratings on buildings.


Data: EnergyCAP Express uses cloud-based data storage, while EnergyCAP Enterprise uses traditional data storage. A business can upload utility data and get a detailed analysis. It’s also possible to submit data directly to the Energy Star Portfolio Management program. Over 200 customizable reports and graphs can be generated for Excel, Access, or Crystal Reports.


Vedict: EnergyCAP is one of the leaders for a reason. Any business that can afford its price tag and can run it on their systems would probably be better off using it. It’s flexible, provides all the necessary data points, and its complex analyses are top-of-the-line. Its regular updates (multiple annually) mean that compliance standards and algorithms are always up-to-date. That’s not to say that EnergyCAP is for everyone, as there are better tools for companies that want more flexibility or more Green features.



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