Energy management software just took a huge leap forward now that the ENERGY STAR module works seamlessly with ENERGY STAR.

Portfolio Manager, the Environmental Protection Agencies web based software system unites with the ENERGY STAR module to streamline the process and greatly assist buildings in getting the much sort after ENERGY STAR recognition.

Users of the software access their management accounts with ENERGY STAR taking advantage of the full integration of both platforms. Information from energy bills, usage and more can all be gathered and sent from the program right to the Portfolio Manager. Analysis is quick and easy with the software also pulling in energy performance scores as needed. This is a sure fire way to stay on top of energy related concerns. Problems can be addressed right from the beginning!.

Here’s just some of the things EMS’s ENERGY STAR integration allows users to do:

  • Set and monitor Energy Performance Scores and benchmark building automatically.
  • Be able to see and track a huge range of building metrics that are kept in Portfolio Manager. These include, but aren’t limited to: yearly energy use normalized for weather, energy use per foot in buildings, carbon and other emissions and of course see and display any warnings from Portfolio Manager.
  • Compare using its analytic areas that are performing well and up to par with energy areas that need work and improvements.
  • Automatically schedule and send your ENERGY STAR reports to Corporate (or wherever else you choose) by email.
  • Always be on top of which buildings are able to apply for ENERGY STAR recognition through software alerts. Also be alerted which buildings can be improved on where potential savings can be made.
  • Set up displays for the public and / or site managers which show ENERGY STAR Scores spreading awareness of energy related issues.

The ENERGY STAR module has made keeping track of energy use much, much more manageable by all accounts.