Regardless of whether you are a small or large consulting organization, management of your client’s energy data is essential to operations. Utilizing our enterprise software you will be able to manage this information. As a consultancy company, you may choose to manage this energy data centrally, with this software you can install it to your own company site, or allow us to host it for you. Importing and central data management are possible, and client data can access to a remote site can be granted through a secure internet connection.
As a fully branded product, you have branding options available to you with the software; you have options which range from the ability to import a company logo, going all the way up to making it a full OEM product. It is also possible to integrate the software to your business site, and it can be accessed anywhere online, by clients, when necessary.
Several techniques for data management are available. You can individually select them based on the company requirements, and it is also possible to include tenant billing, and full energy consumption, as well as energy efficiency techniques, if your organization wishes to include this data. As a consultant, the software gives you the ability to manage data on your client’s behalf; you can then distribute the information to clients automatically, or you can choose to do so through a user friendly interface that is offered with the software.
It is also possible for users to sort and screen data for multiple clients, making it much easier to manage the information. Access to functionality is also something that you can choose to screen, depending on what your own individual requirements are, and what your client’s requirements are, when you are using the software to manage important data and information.