The software tenant billing offers an easy and automated technique to help in managing the entire tenant billing process spanning across various sites. The tenant billing software allows users to manage and organize multiple tenants’ data and generate the bills on the scheduled date. The billing software is offered in various clearly structured steps that make it easier for the user to operate.

Contract Management

Tenant billing proves to be a robust solution for facilities management companies, commercial property owners as well as for those who feel the need to bill the tenants within their organization.

The contract details are stored and administered centrally and are basically applied to the pertinent tenant or tenants in one or more sites. The software facilitates in storing diverse tariff structures and allows these details to be stored as a contract at the tenant level, detached from the supplier’s information. This helps to make sure that contract management is simple to use, systematized and does not clash with any of the utility purchase rates.

Generating Bill

The tenant information is always stored under the respective individual tenant’s name. This segregation helps to cater to each tenant’s scheduled billing periods or contract length. The bills can be raised as per the requirement for each tenant simply by keying the billing date within the software.

The bills get generated in PDF format, which offers the property owners the option to print or simply forward the bill by e-mail to the concerned tenant. Additionally, the paid and unpaid bills get stored in the software and provide a complete historical record along with any impending bills. Tenant Billing functions in union with eSight Financial Analysis for total contract managements that are linked to each tenant.


Allotment Billing

The module of tenant billing comprise of the capacity to deal with allotment billing where the bills are generated depending upon a segment of the supplier’s incoming invoice.