Our analysis module provides for the ability to receive data inputs but also produces and exports reports, graphs and tables for understanding energy consumption. Exported templates can be stored for future use or distributed in regular newsletter fashion via the web or by email.

Target various areas of energy management and concern within your organization by configuring multiple custom reports from any number of intuitive and powerful techniques and tools from the server. Access and configuring reports from multiple data-sets is made easy through the easy-to-use interface module.

A range of options are available for custom reporting down to the most granular energy manager’s needs. Target specific and different areas of your consumption data with a range of optimum techniques and procedures.

Performance efficiency graphs enable commercial customers to manage energy outflow and target specific processes including boilers and meters. Understand specific consumption dynamics with traditional statistical analytical tools such as single and multi-variable regression and standard deviations. Report managers can monitor available capacity, peak demand parameters and load efficiency measures and send reports to specific individuals and groups within the organization.

Data exporting capabilities further enhance the value-add of the energy management software capabilities. Format and export raw data for use within any role within the organization. Users are able to edit and manage the data for use in their own capacity as the situation may demand.

Once a particular analysis format is selected, the system provides an intuitive guide through the configuration process to gauge and measure analysis parameters. Configuring specific reports on targeted areas of concern for energy tracking becomes as easy as simply clicking the mouse.

With a wide range of options for access, using and reporting data the software is helpfully tailored to provide information that is specific and meaningful to nearly any individual in the organization. With the ability to adhere to the needs of individuals within the organization, organizations are able to best maximize the benefit of a complete energy management package. Start reducing emissions and costs today by beginning to measure and track the data produced by your energy consumption data.