Grid2 is a premiere provider of electricity, natural gas and green energy products. Founded by a group of industry veterans, the company works to fulfill energy solutions for both commercial and residential use. Our custom software tools provide our clients with timely data, lower rates and an overall increased return on energy dollars. We not only find the very best utility and power rates for our customers, we help to optimize the regular spend. Consequently, we provide services to our customer through various Electricity Service Companies across multiple states on both eastern and western seaboards.

Our consultants and network help you understand energy options available in your specific area, including pricing for such options. Where possible, we work to reduce your energy waste while at the same time reducing your overall recurring energy costs. When it makes economic sense for our clients, we utilize wind, solar and other alternative sources of energy. Helping large commercial energy customers reduce their carbon footprint helps us fulfill our combined goals of profitability and social responsibility.

The end-goal of the Grid2 Energy Management System is to have on-site managers imbibe a fresh discipline and approach for cost-effective energy usage. By making informed decisions with regard to maintenance and operation of the facility, managers are able to better regulate and automate their daily energy usage. Grid2 Energy Management System deals with optimization of lighting, atmosphere, and other aspects of the system. You may think this approach is simple – well, it is. But enterprises that have employed this system have been saving at least 15% on their electricity costs. Others who utilize natural gas even enjoy bigger benefits, amounting to over 30% in energ savings.

From the name itself, Grid2 Energy Management System or Grid2 EMS is a comprehensive business solution made up of closely-related, interlocking components: design installation, monitoring, regulation or control, dashboards, and energy advisory services. These components work collectively to give you a snapshot of your current energy utilization.

Visualization is essential for analysis. Grid2 EMS provides you with a monitoring system that takes readings in real-time. This guarantees that you get only accurate, updated, and thorough readings. When you submeter loads of lighting or HVAC systems, you are able to gain visibility into your equipments operating efficiency.

Why is it important to get this insight? Having insight to your current performance means getting foresight for improving it, and moreso, for avoiding usage spikes and system breakdowns which entail significant costs. This is also largely why Grid2 also gives you Grid2 Energy Manager. This dashboard allows you to oversee all your operations. Equipped with functions for reports, alarms, and recommendations, Grid2 Energy Manager gives you enough leeway to submeter efficiently and economically. Grid2 monitoring systems and dashboards reinforce your control facilities.

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